What a wonderful new year!

I love January, I get the chance to go to France and deliver their Christmas gifts to some of my family who live there (they are used to receiving them in January by now!). And it’s also a great opportunity to go fabric shopping in Paris, while shops are having their winter sale period. So, I’m just back with a suitcase full of lovely fabrics. I’ll write a post about fabric shopping in Paris another time, but in the meantime you can read Pascale’s post about those fabric shops.

I’m wanting to be more productive with my sewing this year, so have decided to do the following:

* Be more organized and plan each week ahead by writing down what I want to sew. This Mozi planning sheet is great for that and it looks lovely too. I would also love to make a wall planner similar to the one below by Pottery Barn Teen but don’t have much wall space so need to think about it more.

Muzi to do listPB Teen wall planners

* Create a project notebook/folder containing tutorials and details of finished projects

* Catalogue my fabric stash, making it easier to see what I have already and making it more convenient to work on mixing different patterns/colours/fabrics for future projects

* Create a gift planner for the year, so that I don’t wait till the last minute before a birthday to sew a gift

* Make the most of my sewing books by making at least one item a month from one of the books

* Buy an overlocker

* Sew more clothing which should be easier after I get a serger

* Learn to quilt and make one by the end of the year

* Reward myself after achieving my week’s plans and each time I manage to learn something new.


15 thoughts on “What a wonderful new year!

  1. I love your inspiration photos! Gorgeous pinkness and useful too!

    Buying an overlocker is on my list of things to purchase this year too…I’d love to hear what you choose when you eventually get one.


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  4. I really like this brilliant idea….it perks your mind and relieve your everyday stress when seeing this lively color.. thank you friend …. you make my day….this makes me help organize my important paper works ..

  5. I would like to know exactly what are the organizers hanging on, and how is it put on the wall??? I would like to have something like that hanging in my bedroom on the ceiling, in a box form (so with 4 rods) and hang sheer curtains over my bed to give it a canopy look.

  6. Thanks everyone for your comment.

    For those asking about the hanging organizers, they are from Pottery Barn Teen and they come with instructions on how to put them on the wall. The pictures are for inspiration only (from the Pottery Barn Teen catalogue), I do not own them therefore I cannot give you advice on how to put them on the wall.

  7. I loooooove this! I would make it right know if I could!… I have a weekly post where I gather a list of posts that inspires me and makes me dream! This week I’m featuring yours!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

    Cami @ TitiCrafty by Camila

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