Graze snacks summertime range review

I am participating in the Graze Summertime challenge and have been sent their new summertime range to try and wanted to share my review with you. To be honest, this is not the 1st time that I am trying Graze snacks as I used to subscribe and have them delivered at work when I used to work in an office. I like them a lot, as they are convenient and handy. It was really great to always have some healthy snack at work.

graze snacksI really like that each pack now displays either the calory or protein content. I try to eat more protein (as I don’t eat much meat) but never know if I am eating enough protein everyday, so it is useful to know how much extra protein I get when eating one the Graze snacks.

Each individual pack is enough for one serving (although, sometimes I feel greedy and eat 2 packs!) and some are more fullfilling that others. For example, the flapjack is very satisfying as a snack when I am really hungry but other packs like the summertime punch are lighter and are good for nibbling on in between meals.

There is quite a large choice to chose from (over 100) and at the moment you can get your 1st box at half price:

The Graze snacks are great for instant gratification. But, I also buy other seeds, nuts and dried fruits in bulk, which I use for cooking and baking. I organise them in glass jars on an ikea shelf (yes, I know that nuts are better stored in the fridge but I have no space left in the fridge and I eat them up quickly).

nuts dry fruits kombuchaDisclaimer: I received the Graze snacks in the picture for free but the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.



Oops, it’s been several months since I posted here. I haven’t forgotten about my 2016 planners, I will take some pictures and will show them to you next time.

I’ve been streamlining my life recently. The stress of trying to conceive got to much, so I have decided to take it easy this year. I want to focus more on little things that bring me joy and happiness, and at this time that means babysitting for family members (I love babies!), gardening, cooking and working on my house.

Here are the newest installations in the living room/sewing room:

An Ikea Varde shelving (the same one I have in my kitchen and also on my kitchen windowsill) for some of my books. This shelving can handle a lot as there are about 100 books there. And my little collection of magnetic butterflies. I am having fun putting them everywhere, like on that pink metal plant pot on the shelving).

ikea varde shelving bookshelfAnd an Umbra invisible bookshelf in a little corner of the living room. This is a very clever little thing as you cannot see the shelf itself, you just see the books. My partner liked it a lot so he bought another one for himself (a double one for his blue ray discs).

invisible bookshelfbottom of invisible shelfI need to find more storage for my books as my collection keeps growing and growing. I grew up in a household full of books (the norm when your father is a writer and a professor), so books are a treasure in my own house. At the moment, I am into spiritual books and wholefood cookbooks.

Do you also hoard books? Please share any of your book storage.


Handmade phone case giveaway winner & cookbooks organisation

Congratulations to Hanta Ralay, you have won a handmade case for your Iphone 5. I have sent you an email requesting your address so will post your prize once I have your address. I don’t have a malagasy fabric, so will make it with another fabric that has a malagasy style to it.

There was only one participant so I will keep the remaining 2 cases for another giveaway in the future.

On the home front, I have been itching to do some organising. I have lots of books and they are all over the place. I started with my cookbooks, I like to browse them on the sofa so it made sense to have them all near the sofa. I have a Leksvik coffee table from Ikea which is perfect for the job. It was originally in a plain dark wood colour so I painted it pearly purple. My partner added some castor so that the table is easy to move around when needed.

ikea leksvik coffe tableThese are close ups of the books if you are curious:

cookbooks 1They are loosely organised by genre.

cookbooks 2I left one slot for snacks.

cookbooks 3I also have my vitamins and herbal supplemetns in the red box, and below that are my diaries, notebooks and gardening catalogues.

cookbooks 4Next, I want to tackle my gardening books but I don’t know where to put them yet!

A bit of home decoration

While the garden is getting lots of my attention, the house gets behind. We are now in our 4th spring in this house and I feel that there are still lots I would like to do and improve. One area that still needs improving is my sewing space which is half of my living room.

The living room is supposed to be a living dining room but instead we chose it to be a living creative room (well, it’s my creative space as my partner gets a whole room for himself that he uses as a music room and office). One way to solve the lack of storage in my sewing space was to buy an Ikea Expedit shelving, the one that has 16 cubes. I decided to put it on my sewing table, which is really great as a sort of vertical storage.

So that’s one storage issue solved. Next I need to think of a creative way to have a neat cutting / ironing area as right now my ironing board is to big and I’m using a hacked breakfast bar as a cutting table (it’s great as it’s higher than a desk or table and it’s the same size as my cutting mat), ideally I would like just one long table that incorporates my cutting mat and a custom made ironing board.

As you can see, I use various colourful bags and boxes as storage inside the expedit, they are all from Madagascar but you can buy similar ones from Rice DK.

I have also made some new cushion covers for the living room sofa. I used some of my favourite fabrics to make them: fine cord with designs similar to kenzo fabrics and oilily fabrics for the front, and purple velvet for the back, they all have a side zipper.

I’ve also took out the broken pink slatted blind in our bathroom and sowed some curtains for the window. I used a fabric by Jennifer Paganelli called Vintage floral for the front and the lining is pink peony solid from Moda Bella.

This window is southfacing so the geraniums there have all flowered since. We also added a little shelving to add more storage space.

Next on my list is sewing more pillow covers for our bed.

Craft sewing studio pictures

I finally managed to get pictures of my craft corner. I’m so happy and grateful to have such a space just for me. It’s a multi purpose room as it stocks all my sewing, jewellery making, candle making (kilos and kilos of soy wax), aromatherapy, packing materials plus paperwork for my voluntary jobs. So the storage had to be thought of carefully.


Most of the storage is from Ikea: there’s the Granemo glass cabinet which I love as it allows me to see all my fabrics and books, I got some cheap kitchen Faktum frames on top of it for more storage, and next to it on the left there is a Pax wardrobe with a mirror door (the one that is only 35cm deep) that stores bulky items such as interfacings, polyfill, batting and folders. On the right of the Granemo cabinet, I have all my gemstones in some Fira mini chest with drawers (still to be covered in fabric) and next to it there is a kids’ 3 door cabinet (it was in the bargain corner and came with hilarious animal fury doorknobs) that houses my candle making materials.

There are more storage under the table: on the front there is an Andy drawer unit on castors, on each side there is a Laxvik shelving unit with glass top (this is so cheap and perfect under my table), and on the back there is another kitchen Faktum frame with lots of colourful bags from Madagascar that stores more candle waxes and bits and pieces.

More inspiration for a sewing room

I finally made time to take pictures of my beloved sewing studio but the weather was tipically english (grey and rainy!) so my pictures were not good. See what I mean! I made the necklace a while ago, it’s made of sterling silver and a light topaz, the topaz was faceted for a ring but I had it drilled so that I can use it for a necklace.

Ikea fabric storage Light topaz sterling silver necklace

So I’ll start again with the pictures as soon the weather is sunnier. I also looked online for more inspiration and found the following ideas, the first picture is from Pottery Barn Teen again and the second one from Better Homes and Gardens.

Multi wall boards from PBTeen Cake stand from BHG

PS: in case you are wondering why I haven’t blogged much lately, it’s because I’m super busy at the moment, finishing an end of year accounts (one of my volunteering jobs for a charity) and preparing a counselling workshop that I’m going to teach in a few weeks time.