More inspiration for a sewing room

I finally made time to take pictures of my beloved sewing studio but the weather was tipically english (grey and rainy!) so my pictures were not good. See what I mean! I made the necklace a while ago, it’s made of sterling silver and a light topaz, the topaz was faceted for a ring but I had it drilled so that I can use it for a necklace.

Ikea fabric storage Light topaz sterling silver necklace

So I’ll start again with the pictures as soon the weather is sunnier. I also looked online for more inspiration and found the following ideas, the first picture is from Pottery Barn Teen again and the second one from Better Homes and Gardens.

Multi wall boards from PBTeen Cake stand from BHG

PS: in case you are wondering why I haven’t blogged much lately, it’s because I’m super busy at the moment, finishing an end of year accounts (one of my volunteering jobs for a charity) and preparing a counselling workshop that I’m going to teach in a few weeks time.


16 thoughts on “More inspiration for a sewing room

  1. I love your sewing room – it is completely dreamy! Good luck with all your busyness…hope it subsides soon. x

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  6. love this room. I have been thinking about combining corkboard square to large tray to combine magnetic and tacks.

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