Oops, it’s been several months since I posted here. I haven’t forgotten about my 2016 planners, I will take some pictures and will show them to you next time.

I’ve been streamlining my life recently. The stress of trying to conceive got to much, so I have decided to take it easy this year. I want to focus more on little things that bring me joy and happiness, and at this time that means babysitting for family members (I love babies!), gardening, cooking and working on my house.

Here are the newest installations in the living room/sewing room:

An Ikea Varde shelving (the same one I have in my kitchen and also on my kitchen windowsill) for some of my books. This shelving can handle a lot as there are about 100 books there. And my little collection of magnetic butterflies. I am having fun putting them everywhere, like on that pink metal plant pot on the shelving).

ikea varde shelving bookshelfAnd an Umbra invisible bookshelf in a little corner of the living room. This is a very clever little thing as you cannot see the shelf itself, you just see the books. My partner liked it a lot so he bought another one for himself (a double one for his blue ray discs).

invisible bookshelfbottom of invisible shelfI need to find more storage for my books as my collection keeps growing and growing. I grew up in a household full of books (the norm when your father is a writer and a professor), so books are a treasure in my own house. At the moment, I am into spiritual books and wholefood cookbooks.

Do you also hoard books? Please share any of your book storage.



Etsy seller interview on bbc essex radio

Just a quick note to let you know that one (or more) etsy sellers based in Essex will be interviewed tomorrow morning (monday 5th october) on the Dave Monk show on bbc essex radio. The producer contacted me and asked if I’d be interested to be interviewed but I replied to late so the guest slot went to someone else (she contacted me on friday morning and as I was out all day I only replied in the evening, but to late). The show is about local artisans in Essex being part of a worldwide marketplace and how that’s affected their businesses. So tune in if you can, the proposed slot is supposed to be at 10.10am but am not sure if it has changed, Monk’s show is usually from 9 to 12 in the morning; if you are not able to listen to it live I think that it is available to listen to again for a few days afterward on the bbc iplayer online.

Beside that I’m busy again with custom orders, it’s often the case around this time of the year and again I find it challenging to have a balance as custom orders take up a lot of my time leaving me hardly any time to sew new items that are needed if I want to stock up my shops for the christmas season. I may have to stop accepting custom orders in november and december if I want to make things easier for myself.

Ah, and I forgot to show you my inspiration wall, I finished it weeks ago and posted in on my flickr pages so you may have seen it already, it was also featured in several blogs (links on my flickr):

preview of my inspiration wall in sewing room

New sewing room

I’m back. The house purchase took longer than I expected but we finally moved to the new (old) house last month. It’s a small 2 bed bungalow (well small compared to our old house but roomy compared to a typical bungalow). So my sewing area is also smaller and is a part of our living room, it has a french door which leads to the garden, but the garden is still a messy work in progress so no pretty view from my sewing corner yet.

sewing table sewing cabinet

sewing storage tables sewing room

This¬† time, I’m trying a layout with the table against the wall, but when the garden is prettier I may put the table in the middle as before so that I can enjoy looking at the garden while sewing.¬† I also want a separate cutting table so am open to ideas on how to incorporate one without making the space look to small and crampy.

If you are looking for more sewing room ideas, check out the ones in the links below (all from my favourites folder in flickr):

Pink sewing room by chaletgirl13

Cube storage in a sewing room from decorology

The new Studio magazine from Cloth Paper Scissor also has lots of ideas, but I have not seen it sold in UK yet (you can buy it via who delivers to UK).