The garden in may

If you follow me on flickr, you may have already seen some of these pictures.

This is the first year that the garden stayed green all winter long, thanks to some plants such as perpetual spinach, kale, corn salad and parsley. A quick and cheap way to have greenery in winter is to buy one pot of parsley from the supermarket and plant them everywhere (there are usually about 20 plants or more in a single pot). Parsley is very hardy and you can harvest it all winter long. Plant them before it gets cold so that they have time to establish (I usually try to plant them after I have pulled out my tomato plants, in the same pots or raised beds with added fish/blood/bone fertiliser to revitalise the soil).

Also some plants did not die, which makes me happy as it means I won’t have to buy new ones this year. I am particularly happy with the lemon verbena, vietnamese coriander and rose scented geranium (all 3 were bought from Sarah Raven last year).

Beginning of may:

This is the small raised bed behind the peach tree. The tulips were finished and the perennial wallflower plants were lovely.

DSCN0126The midget apple tree is full of flowers (and now have loads of fruits). It is underplanted with strawberries.

DSCN0127The columnar cherry tree is also flowering.

DSCN0130The wisteria is flowering for the 1st time. I want to keep it as a standard tree so need to prune it more.

DSCN0152End of may:

Seedlings are being hardened off during the day and go back indoor at night.

I want to have lots of beetroot this year so have sown plenty of them.DSCN0238I also want some melons and watermelons so have sown more than usual in case some don’t make it.

DSCN0235The berries in the backgarden raised bed grew lots of super long branches so I had to train them horizontally on some bamboo canes above the mini wall. The plant with the purple flowers is a comfrey, I use the leaves to make a liquid feed for my other plants.

DSCN0213Some volunteer colombine and pineapple mint in the spring onion pots.

DSCN0215A corner of the garden near the pink potting shed.

DSCN0217Only one fruit on the apricot tree I planted last year.

DSCN0233A corner of the back garden. The big cherry tree is full of fruit. And the red flesh apple tree also has plenty of fruits.

DSCN0210I love this cotinus grace. I have never pruned it so it stays airy.

DSCN0241I lost 2 fruit trees in the side yard (due to a drainage problem) so will replace them but this time they will go into a big pot in the same spot. The opal plum from Aldi has some fruits on it, can’t wait to taste them.

DSCN0228And finally, this geranium maderense that I have sown from a seed is flowering for the 1st time.

DSCN0222How is your garden this spring?



this is not a sewing blog, is it?

Nope, no much sewing around here, although I’m in the middle of 2 custom orders which need finishing asap. I am not sewing anything new but managed to open 2 more shops (dawanda and folksy) in which I will only list ready to ship items (which I don’t have much of at the moment so these shops may look quite empty till I have an urge to stock them). My fabric stash however seem to increase so I have started selling some of them.

After months of wanting a walking foot, I finally managed to grab one (along with a custom fit add-on quilting table) at a bargain price on ebay. Now, I can finally think of making a quilt for our sofa. I bought the following book to teach myself as I have never made a big quilt in my life.

I’m still in the process of settling in the house. No much progress inside but I managed to do plenty of planting in the front and back garden, I’m working with what was already there (gravel and patio in the back and lawn in the front). I planted a japanese cherry tree in the middle of the lawn (front garden) and surrounded it pansies, then various flower bulbs and more pansies, I’ve also planted the 3 sides border of the lawn with flower bulbs hoping to have them as cut flowers for the house in summer.

I have always wanted to grow some fruit and vegetables and this year I am giving it a go. So far, these are what I’ve planted in the front garden, some in the ground, others in containers:

* fruit trees: cherry, nectarine, fig

* soft fruit bushes: 3 types of  berries

* strawberries

* vegetables: tomatoes (cherry, plum, hildares and marmande), bell peppers (green, yellow, red), french beans, jalapeno chilli, salad

* herbs: thyme, parsley, mint, basil, coriander

* flower plants: camelia, jasmine, geranium, petunia, pansies, impatients

* lots of flower bulbs/seeds (peony, dhalia, harlequin, freesia, gladioli, anemone, geranium, gloxinia, mirabilis, chinese lantern physalis,  sweet peas).


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