Chateau le Stelsia

These are pictures from my recent trip in France. We went to visit the Stelsia castle (which is also a hotel), and spent a lovely time visiting the garden. It was a feast of colours!

castle le stelsiacastle le stelsia 1castle le stelsia 2castle le stelsia 3castle le stelsia 5This is my mum in front of one of the patios.

castle le stelsia 6There were some nice sculptures.

castle le stelsia sculpturecastle le stelsia sculpture 1I love the esplalier fruit trees in the potager garden.

castle le stelsia potagerYou can see more photos on their website:





I’m just back from a little trip in Brittany (France). The reason was to attend a family reunion. Every 2 years, families from my dad’s side who live all over France meet up for a 4 day long week-end. It is a nice time for all of us to catch up with each other and spend a bit of time together. Not everyone can come as it is impossible to agree on a date when everyone is availabe. This time, there were about 50 of us. We usually rent a whole gite (self catering accomodation) and this time we rented the Maison Familiale Rural de Rumengol.

20150509_160354This is the building where the bedrooms were. Each room is for 2 persons. I love that wooden facade.

20150509_160240The view from the bedrooms.

20150509_160325One of the dining rooms is in that lower building.


dining roomThere were lots of people I haven’t seen in ages. I took this picture just before we went for a walk in the nearby forest.

20150509_160552We also went to the nearby beach in Saint Nic (a shortwhile drive from the Maison familiale).


20150509_17111520150509_182606It was so lovely to see everyone after a long time and I really enjoy those kind of areas in France (the countryside, beach towns and little villages). I hope to go back soon.

PS: I just found out that my 14 years cousin Irina has a blog (in french with a bit of english) since she was 11. You can read it here:

I’ll be back soon with lots of pictures of the garden.