My sister Andrianina

My sister Andrianina recently graduated to the spirit world. She was highly educated with several master’s degrees and several post-graduate degrees (mathematics and statistics were her favourite studies), and she was also a spiritual person with a belief/interest in the spirit world so I think that she would approve of the term “graduating to the spirit world”. I miss her physical human side, but I also know that her spirit lives on and that she is in a wonderful place now. andrianina2andrianina5andrianina6andrianina8This quote from Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D. sums perfectly what my sister Andrianina and I believe in:  “Death is simply a shedding of the physical body like the butterfly shedding its cocoon. It is a transition to a higher state of consciousness where you continue to perceive, to understand, to laugh, and to be able to grow.”


6 thoughts on “My sister Andrianina

    • Thank you Sarah. Yes, I am surrounded by love and I can also feel my sister’s love. Wishing you a happy new year and good continuation with your blog.

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, your sister looks a sweet person. But she’ll be with you in your hart & in spirit in your life for always. x

    • Thank you Majoh1966. Yes, my sister was a kind person. She will always be in my heart and in my life. Wishing you a happy new year (and also a great gardening year!).

  2. Bonjour Lova, je suis la plus grande soeur de Sylvestre. Je viens de découvrir ton blog, tu fais de très belles choses! bravo. Je fais moi aussi pas mal de choses manuelles, du dessin, du tissage, du jardinage… mais je ne sais pas coudre. Je pense à vous, toi et ta famille. Bises à toi.

    • Bonjour Alice, Merci beaucoup pour ton message. Je vais aller visiter ton blog et t’enverrais un email plus tard. Bises. Lova

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