Spice storage in a small kitchen

I like to cook and bake and therefore like to have lots of different ingredients ready to be used. But my kitchen is small, I don’t have a proper pantry (only a pink ikea bookcase cupboard that I use as a pantry), so my kitchen does look cluttered.

pink ikea bookcase pantryMy spices were not efficiently organised. First they were in plastic containers, I put 2 of those containers on the ikea varde shelving (only the spices I used often), and the rest inside my pantry:

ikea kitchen shelfThen I added 2 more little shelves (ikea forhoja) underneath the varde shelving so was able to put some of them there. That was a better solution, but still, I could only put like half of them there and they were cluttered:

ikea varde kitchen shelvingSo I looked for a better solution and found this 4 tier spice rack on amazon, I just love it, the quality is great, the price is very affordable and it only took a couple of minutes to install (you don’t even need a power tool to install this). My spices are now organised by alphabetical name and they are easy to access. We put ours on the back door of an upper cabinet. The only little problem is that I should have bought the 5 tier one as I have so many spices I need an extra tier.

spice storage for small kitchenI don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago. This spurred me to spend more time decluttering my kitchen this week. Do you have a small kitchen? How do you organise it so that it looks nice and not cluttered?


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