The garden in august and september

It is already autumn in my part of the word (small town outside London) but it still feels like summer. Right now, the garden looks messy as I have lots of deadheading, tidying/cleaning and grass cutting to do (path between the raised beds in the front garden). But despite its shivelled look, I love this garden, I can see some progress made every year, it is getting greener, prettier and more productive.

Here are some pictures taken in august and september.

Back garden

I didnt’ have much time to work on the back garden, I hope to focus more on it next year. One thing I did was to plant some dahlias and zinnias as companion plants to a gooseberry plant (this is the plant last year) and a fejoya goyava (planted last year also), both are each in a 55cm pot. The banana plant you see there is still small as I keep it in a 35cm pot.

dahlia zinnia bananaMost of the strawberry plants in one of my blue raised planter have died so I planted lots of other stuff in it: cosmos, marmalade rudbeckia, thai basil, vietnamese coriander, lemon verbena, lettuces and some chives.

previous strawberry planter

I also planted an early moorpark apricot in the raised bed against the garage wall.

Side yard

I wanted to incorporate a sort of mini orchard in this area and I am glad to say that I finally made it happen, I planted some fruit trees in the ground along the boundary wall (I lifted some paved tiles and planted them there). Some of the trees are doing OK, a few are struggling, I have to wait till next year to see if they all make it or if I need to replace some of them. The varieties are: opal plum, czar plum, early rivers plum, lord napier nectarine.

side yardI planted a clematite with each fruit tree, I find that if planted together at the same time, the clematite fares better. This one is with the greengage Reine Claude Ulena tree planted last year (the 1st planted in the ground in the side yard).

clematite up a greengageI plant most of my tomatoes in pots here as it is south facing. In this 55cm pot there are 2 tomato along with 2 cucumber plants (next year i think I will only put 3 plants per 55cm pot).

tomato cucumberThe midget pear tree is having 5 fruits this year.

midget pear tree with 5 fruitsI also grow most of the courgettes here, these are the varieties I planted this year: black beauty, golden zucchini,  round de Nice and lebanese. The lebanese one is the most prolific, each courgette becoming huge before I get a chance to harvest them so I make a courgette lasagna with them.

2014 courgette varietyThese autumn raspberries are not very prolific in a pot so I will re-plant them in the ground later on (don’t know where yet) so that they can give me as much fruit as the summer raspberries planted in the ground in my back garden.autumn raspberriesI feel that there are not enough flowers in this area, so I wil try to amend that next year. Here is the only purple ricinus planted here, it is still small as it was sowed very late.

ricinus plantAnd an exciting (for me) purple flowering tree – abutilon suntense –  that I grew from seed in 2012, you can see it as a baby tree here. It hasn’t flowered yet and I want to keep it small so it is currently in a 35cm pot.

abutilon suntense treeFront garden

This is the nicest part of the potager. The pear tree flowered profusely but it only has 7 fruits.

front garden potagerOne of my arches collapsed due to several gale force winds, and also because I planted a new squash there this year which I thought has small fruits but the squashes are big and heavy, to heavy for this kind of arch.

collapsed archAnd some of the raised beds.

veg raised beddahlia raised bedrhubarb raised bedAs you can see, I struggle with the grass in this area (it grows faster than I  can trim them), I want to change the path between raised beds into a gravel path eventually so I am saving to pay for that.

I am already dreaming of next year’s garden and hope that this winter will be as mild as last year.

How is your garden growing?


5 thoughts on “The garden in august and september

  1. Hello. I absolutely love when you post updates on your garden. Everything is so pretty and colourful. Do you have any tips for growing squash? I’d never tried, but would love to. Take care, Sarah.

    • Hi Sarah, Thanks for your comment. The main important thing is to sow them early indoor (I sow mine in march), and only plant them outside when the risk of frost has passed. For the seed sowing, just follow the inscrutions on the pack. They like a rich soil with manure. My favourite one is the japanese uri squash which has small fruits and you can grow them on an arch or a climbing support in order to save space. I’ll have a look at you blog now. Take care. Lova

  2. OMG! I am in love with your garden! I love it so so much!! I am trying to grow my garden too..You cant imagine how much plants make me feel happy and renovated!! I love the nature, thanks for sharing! ❤

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