24% discount in the shop and featured sewing room

Just a quick note to let you know that there is a currently a 24% DISCOUNT in my main SHOP. The discount code to enter at checkout is   24FOR24DISC  There is no minimum order (shipping is free in UK and $5 for the rest of the world), and the discount is valid only for 24 hours today.

And I forgot to tell you that my sewing room has been featured on American Quilter (magazine/online site) in their Dream Studio giveaway. One of their editors saw pictures of my sewing room on flickr and asked me if they could use one of my photos. Of course I said yes, I was very flattered as my sewing room picture is next to some really pretty ones (links below).

my sewing room in american quilterStudio photos: (top to bottom) (1) Emma Jean Jansen, www.emmajeanjansen.com.au; (2) Caroline Hulse, sewcaroline.com; (3) Brook Wilhelmsen, beingbrook.com; (4) Laurraine Yuyama, patchworkpottery.com; (5) Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms; (6) Lotta Jansdotter Studio by Jenny Hallengren; (7) Dawn Hansen, olabelhe.com; (8) Lova Rajaonarimanana, handmadewithjoy.etsy.com; (9) Jacquelyn Gering of Tallgrass Prairie Studio; and (10) Anna Maria Horner, annamariahorner.com.

You may have also noticed that I  finally finished the In the Press page on the blog. I still need to tweak this blog but it is getting there slowly.

PS: for those of you who sent me private emails, sorry I am late with my reply, I will get back to you all so please be patient with me




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