Magazine interview


I have been lucky again, as I was recently interviewed by a french magazine, called Coudre c’est facile (it means Sewing is easy). My feature is 2 whole pages in the May/June 2014 edition of Coudre c’est facile magazine (page 40 and 41). I have been asked about how to get a feature in magazines so I will share how it happened to me (for all my press features up to today: book and magazines).

coudre c'est facile magazineI don’t contact journalists, they do contact me. They usually find me via one of my shops: via my etsy shop for the feauture in Quick & Crafty magazine, via my folksy shop for the book Handmade Gifts, and via my dawanda shop for Coudre c’est facile magazine. So for those of you who are making and selling handmade items, my advice is to sell via etsy/folksy/dawanda as that is where journalists go and look for items or sellers/bloggers to feature in their magazines. It is really worth having those shops. Even if I don’t sell much via them (most of my sales are direct sales – meaning most buyers buy from me directly rather than via those shops), I will always keep those shops.

french press featureYou don’t get paid for magazine features like this. But it is a good exposure for you as a blogger or for your shop/brand. In terms of revenue, I don’t get much sales from them as these magazines are for people who already sew (so I am assuming, that if they like something I make they would rather sew it themselves instead of buying it from me). But still, it is wonderful to be in a magazine and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

lova in french magazineFor this feature, the journalist sent me a serie of questions to be answered by email and also requested pictures. She then wrote the feature about me, so the text is by her and the photos are by me. I am really happy with what she wrote as she managed to beautifully¬† convey what I wrote in my answers. The magazine is french so it is sold in all french speaking countries (including Canada) but you can also find it in the international section of your magazine/bookshops such as Borders etc if you don’t live in a french speaking country.

handmade with joy in the pressThis feature prompted me to revamp my blog, it is not finished yet but I’ve made a good start. It’s a bit time consuming as I do it all by myself but it is not complicated (wordpress makes it easy for anyone to update or change the look of their blogs). I much prefer it to the old design. What do you think? Do you like it? I still need to add some pages at the top menu (press features, blog links, etc) and I need to update the about me page and the FAQ page. I also want to add a special page for french readers.

I know I said that I will do a giveaway when this magazine is out, I haven’t forgotten about it so will organise that for my next post.




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