spring garden and a bit of sewing

The weather has finally improved (we still had snow last week) so I put my seedlings outdoor during the day since last sunday, they are protected in their propagators and seem to like it. This is really necessary as they don’t get enough light indoor and risk getting leggy. Once the temperature gets higher, I will open their ventilation or will take the cover out.

seedlings in propagators

As I was able to go outside in my t-shirt (I’m brave, the temperature is around 11 degrees this week), I took some pictures of the very few flowers that I have: 2 daffodils, 1 hellebore, 1 camellia, some anemones, some bulbs. I should have more flowers but as everything is behind, I guess they will come out end of april.

bulbs   hellebore

daffodil    bulbs

daffodil    camelia

The only tree flowering is the apricot tree (most of its buds have opened since I took this picture on march 22nd), it’s currently in a 60cm pot in my back garden.

apricot flower   apricot tree

Back in march, during a warm day, I sowed some beetroot (chioggia variety) in this raised bed. This bed has a permanent thornless blackberry, some tulips, a couple of thyme plants, a hardy fuschia, and a peony tree). I also potted up a pineapple guava (and a grape plant) that I recently purchased, that was a big mistake as they had some tender new growth and shortly after we had a severe frost so the leaves suffered badly, I cut off some of the badly affected leaves and hope that those plants will recover.

small raised bed   pineapple guava

While in Aldi, I saw their gardening offers and couldn’t resist buying a greengage Reine Claude Ulena tree, after googling it I believe this is the Reine Claude d’Oullins (France) so I am very chuffed. I also bought a red gooseberry (so now I have a green one, yellow one and a red one). Both were at a bargain price of £1.99 each.

greengage reine claude ulena      red gooseberry

Sewing wise, I made a driving license holder. This was a special request from a customer. I now stock it in all my shops. This one is made with a russian doll fabric but it can be made in any fabric of your choice (liberty etc).

driving license holder    driving license holder

I am also in the process of redecorating my sewing room. I recently got a great table that serves as a cutting table and an ironing table. I actually made an ironing board that sits on that table. I want to use the space underneath so am looking for a low storage unit that can fit under the table. I also want to create a new inspiration board (on the now blank wall), and want to swap the ikea fabric storage cabinet with another ikea buffet for a change. In my meantime, here is a glimpse of the table.


5 thoughts on “spring garden and a bit of sewing

    • Thanks Pascale. The other side of my sewing room is also messy so I’m only showing pictures of the non messy side here.

    • Thanks Hazel. I’m super busy in the garden at this time so the sewing room tour will have to wait a bit longer.

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