The good news: book work

About this time last year, I planned to make some ipad covers to sell in my shops but didn’t start on working on them till october. Which was actually a good timing as it meant I ended up having a good variety to offer for the christmas season. And then an editor working on a book saw one of them (the one with the liberty fabric) and contacted me via one of my shops, asking if I was interested in offering a tutorial of my ipad cover in their upcoming book. Of course I said yes. I was overjoyed and couldn’t believe my luck.

The book is a craft book offering step by step tutorial of gifts that you can make to give away or sell. It is by a well known publisher and will be released in august/sept/october 2013. I’ve made one ipad cover and an iphone cover for the book. I went to the photo shoot in january and it was very friendly and fun. I also ended up modelling in the pictures of my tutorial, but you can only see my hands and not my face in the book. I will give you the link once the book is on amazon.

Here are some pictures of the ipad covers in my shop, the 1st one is the one who is going to be in the book. The second one is made with a paul smith stripes type fabric (while working on the book, i had to source a paul smith stripes type fabric and found this one but the delivery date would be after our photo shoot date so in the end we didn’t use this fabric but used a similar one).

These ipad covers are all made with rare (or hard to find) out of print fabrics. I’m planning to make some new ones  soon (different liberty fabrics, some japanese prints and other unisex or manly fabrics) and of course I also offer some custom ones with the fabric of the customer’s choice (I have over 100 fabrics to chose from!). If you click on each picture, it will take you to my etsy shop (they are sold in all my shops but I’m linking to the etsy one as my items are usually cheaper there).

ipad cover featured in a book  paul smith stripes style fabric ipad cover  ipad sleeve russian doll fabric japanese kokka

ipad cozy russian doll fabric  ipad cover eiffel tower fabric  ipad sleeve marimekko fabric style

ipad cover liberty fabric mirabelle  ipad cover rusian doll fabric  ipad cover pip studio fabric style

Gardening wise, january was quiet. We had some snow so most of what I did was cutting dead leaves and tyding up a bit.

The things that I was still able to harvest in january were: spring onions, chard, bay leaves, parsley, sage and rosemary.

This raised bed was overcrowded with helianthus lemon queen, I only planted 2 of them there last year but they multiplied very quickly and took over most of the bed so they had to go. Now, I only have 3 types of berries there, some chard, a strawberry plant and a couple of herbs (oregano I think), the front is edged with muscari. I am going to plant some salad (under cloche) there to fill the bed. The pots on the mini wall have alpine strawberries.

raised bed medium january 2013

                     veg in the front garden   chard

I can’t remember the name of that ferny looking vegetable. I remember planting it ages ago but lost the label. And those purple parsnips were from last summer (I planted way to much of them), I just left them there and was surprised that they now have some new leaves, leaves are edible so I will try some to see if they are tasty.

                                purple parsnip   spring onions


4 thoughts on “The good news: book work

    • Thanks Pascale. I am very grateful for having been offered that book work, and hope to get more work like that in the future.

    • Thanks Akiyo, you are right it is fennel. I remember planting it last autumn and am surprised it has survived our harsh winter.

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