2012 in pictures

Happy new year everyone!

2012 has been a mixture of good and not so good year for me. I have continued working on improving the house, gardened a lot, sewed less, neglected my shops resulting in less income than the year before. This year I want to be more organised and more productive, both at home and in my little handmade business.

Here are some pictures taken throughout the year:

January: buying new fabrics for my ebay shop. This was my favourite one (not available anymore), I made some cushion covers for our living room with it:

cord fabric

February: sewing a batch of new toiletry cosmetic bags for my shops (very limited stock available to buy from my etsy, dawanda, folksy and ebay shops):

russian doll big cosmetic bag

March: harvesting these exotic pepino fruits. These are from 1 plant I grew from a seed, sowed in spring 2011, I moved the plant indoor in december 2011 as it is not hardy. Some of the fruits were sweet, some were bland, they taste like a mixture of melon and pear.

exotic pepino fruits

April: the weather is warm enough during the day so my seedlings move outside.

ikea garden table

May: tomatoes and tomatillos little plants growing in the kitchen.

ikea varde kitchen shelving

June: I went to France and helped my mum plant her potager.

my mum's potager

July: the potting shed and the peach tree (I got about 30 peaches this year).

pink potting shed

August: I learned to cut my own hair.

new haircut

September: I was very motivated to do lots of painting, this kitchen cabinet finally got the pink treatment (I am not sure if I will paint the inside, if I do it has to be another colour as I’ve run out of that pink and the paint is discountinued).

pink ikea kitchen cabinet

October: I’ve started sowing some seeds (lemon eucalyptus and abutilon suntense) and am growing some rosemary cuttings. This ikea varde shelving is very useful all year round for raising all those seedlings that need light.

ikea varde shelving

November: busy sewing for my shops, this is a new cosmetic bag for the christmas season (still available in my shops).

russian doll cosmetic bag

December: in the living room. On the mantelpiece,you can see 3 plants I am overwintering: new zealand purple ricinus, oleander and lemon eucalyptus (lost all its leaves). On the front of the fireplace, there are a calamondin tree and a plumeria plant in between fake flowers.

december plants


2 thoughts on “2012 in pictures

    • Hi Claire, I mixed some cuprinol garden shades paints (a 125ml sample can of rich berry, 2 x 125ml sample cans of forget me not and a 2.5 litre can of pale jasmine).

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