Spalding bulbs and red flesh apple tree review

I’ve recently been accepted as a member of a bloggers’ club set up by Spalding Bulbs and Plants Co.

As a welcome gift they sent me a pack of 100 spring flowering bulbs. I was delighted to receive this as I needed more bulbs for the front garden. They arrived safely packed and the quality of the bulbs are excellent.  I can’t show you the link on their website as it is not in stock anymore but this is what I received:

spalding 100 spring flowering bulbs

If you are looking to buy summer flowering bulbs, then they currently have this one which is also a pack of 100:

spalding 100 summer bulbs

Then for my first review, I requested a red flesh apple tree which retails at £19.95. The tree is called Malus domestica ‘Baya® Marisa‘, you  can plant it in a large pot or in the ground. I already have another red flesh apple tree from another supplier so I know that this is a very pretty tree with lovely pink red flowers and the fruits are sweet with a bit of tanginess.

splading red apple tree

Again the tree arrived safely packed. It was a maiden tree that measures 62cm, grown on a M26 rootstock which means that it is suitable for small gardens or for container growing. It should grow up to 2 to 3 metres (more towards 2 metres if you grow it in a big pot, and taller if you grow it in the ground).

spalding red flesh apple tree  spalding red flesh apple tree

I planted it in a pot after soaking the roots in water for a while. I currently have it indoor but plan to plant it in the ground come spring time.  I think I will plant it in the back garden where I will also have the other apple tree so that they can pollinate each other.

I’m signing off as I still have a lot of work to do (sewing custom orders) and wish you all a happy end of year festivities.

PS: I was not paid to write this review but received the bulbs and the tree as a gift.



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