Free Sarah Raven garden diary

Every year around this time, I look forward to receiving my new Sarah Raven diary. It’s a standard diary that can be used as your main diary but it also comes with some gardening and cooking tips. There is a 4 days a page (monday to thursday) and a 3 days a page (friday to sunday, with a space for notes underneath and space for noting the average temperature and rainfall). Each month comes with a page where you’ll find a pretty picture from her garden at Perch Hill on one side, and the other side has one seasonal cooking recipe and a list of what to sow and plant and harvest that month. At the end of the diary, there is a page of how she prefers to sow seeds, and several pages (some folded) with detailed sowing and planting guide for a cutting garden, bulbs, corms and tubers, vegetables, salad, herbs, fruit, shrubs and trees, edible flowers, cpmpanion plants, wildflowers and new this year is a guide for pollinator super plants.


This diary retails at £12.95 but you can get it free (with purchase) by clicking on this link – the code to enter at checkout is GW12DEC

So this week, I’m spending time planning some garden tasks that needs doing before it gets really cold. I have several fruit trees but only 3 of them are in the ground, and having seen the growth difference between the ones in the ground and the ones in pots (although big pots), I really want to plant most of them in the ground. I also need to plants some bulbs in, but as I want to buy more tulip bulbs, I’d rather wait untill I get them so that I can plant everything together in one go.

This is the cherry tree in the back garden (planted 3 years ago), I never took a picture of it in autumn before so went to remedy that.


As I haven’t done much actual gardening outside, I’ve been busy continuing working on the house. I finished painting a little ikea cabinet for the hallway. I originally bought it for the kitchen, to store my homemade canned jars, but it didn’t fit the space I allocated for it so now it houses my vases in the hallway. I know it’s juts a little cabinet, but it makes me happy to know that I finally finished painting it and it’s now being used.


I have plenty more painting to do, but it’s to cold to paint outside so I may have to wait untill next spring to continue my painting frenzy.


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