Mid november garden

November’s weather has been mild up to now, that is until last night when we got some frost. I deadheaded lots of lovely dahlia plants yesterday and was so happy to see that all were still producing lots of flowers with more buds to come. And then I went to do more cleaning in the garden today, and to my horror some of those dahlia were hit by the frost, with the flowers dropping and looking dead and the leaves browning. But there were some dahlia that seemed still alive and healthy so I quickly grabbed my camera to take some pictures. While I was there, I took pictures of other plants that were still flowering.

These are pictures of the front garden potager, which I started cleaning. The only veg left there are some purple turnips which have been there for a while so they may not be tasty anymore, there are still lots of dill plants, some dahlia and a few cosmos plants:

I’ve grown those orange and pink dahlias from seed this spring and am very impressed by their quality, they are as good as the ones I grow from tubers and I love the dark leaves.

In the side yard, most plants have been affected  by the frost, except some dahlia plants, parsley, bay trees and the purple cobea which still has a few flowers on it:

The dahlia above is my favourite dahlia this year, the colour is so lovely and it looks like it is glowing. I got it from Sarah Raven this spring.

The back garden is looking very unloved. I’ve just started cleaning it, I’ve cut down all the helenium lemon queen plants (the leaves were already killed by frost) and some of the summer rasberries (the leaves had some sort of black powder underneath them), I also pulled out most of the cosmos. The only plants still flowering there are the yellow rudbeckia (they sill look vibrant and healthy), and some chrysanthemum. There are a few strawberries fruits but they have not ripen, and some autumn raspberries are still lightly fruiting.

These are 2 of the chrysanthemum that I got from Sarah Raven as cuttings in spring (jewel collection), they are all in a raised bed in the front garden except the yellow/orange one which is in a pot in the side yard. I will take cuttings from them so that I can multiply my collection.

I’ve also moved some plants indoor, in order to overwinter them, and will write a post about that another time.


3 thoughts on “Mid november garden

  1. Hi Lova, when would you take your cuttings from the chrysanthem? I have the same as yours on the bottom and am waiting to multiply them.

    • Hi Railovy, I will take my cuttings in spring when they are growing new tips without any flower bud yet. Although, maybe you can try doing it now as long as you keep the cuttings in a pot indoor till next spring.

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