Back garden

Since my efforts were concentrated on the side yard and front garden, I haven’t had much time to work on the back garden.

This summer I added a new raised bed at the bottom of the kiwi arch in which I planted some pak choi, 3 potimarron squashes, a purple malva plant, a dahlia and a cosmos plant. This picture was taken in july:

I ‘m planning to use that bed to grow lettuces in winter (with a cold frame on top), but I forgot to plant the seeds on time so hope it’s not to late. I’ll grow them on my kitchen windowsill first until they are big enough to transplant outdoor.

I also bought a wooden greenhouse, hopefully my partner will finish building it soon. I’m squeezing it between the regular blue shed and the pink potting shed.

The pictures below are of the back garden in october. Things still look good despite the cold weather and constant rain. Yes, the patio is very messy at the moment, I really need to clean and tidy it up (those shelvings and pots etc will go in the greenhouse and potting shed soon).

You can see a glimpse of the greenhouse on the left of the pink potting shed, behind those yellow helenium plants. I’ve also painted all my outdoor furniture in bright pink (hanging basket by sadolin garden shades).

The plum tree was moved to the front garden as it was hiding the white rose bush behind it.


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