Front garden potager

My summer has been mostly about working on the garden. After being happy with the side yard, I was longing to transform the boring front garden. The area measures approximately 5 x 7 metres (just lawn). There is no privacy there as the boundary wall is very low (less than 50cm high) so everything is visible from the street. So a potager is perfect as it will allow me to have plenty of flowers to hide the fruits and veggies that I want to grow there.

I started by making 6 raised beds: 4 measuring each 1.4 x 1.4 metres, and 2 measuring 1 x 1.4 metres.

Each path in between each raised bed just measures 60cm, which is wide enough for me.

This is the before picture (taken when we moved to this house in 2009, that’s a japanese cherry tree in the middle of the lawn):

And this is the after picture (in september 2012, the japanese cherry tree is still there, I may take it out and plant it somewhere else later on):

I’ve installed a round arch in between 2 raised beds but may add 2 more next year as they are great for climbing pumpkins and squashes (I can plant 4 pumpkin plants per arch).

All those plants were planted from seed/bulbs in spring and kept in pots until I could transplant them in the raised beds (except some calabrese plants which I won in a competition).

So far the 6 raised beds contain:

edible plants: tomatoes, peppers. chilli, turnips, dill, potimarron, another small blue squash plant, calabrese, 2 other types of brassicas

ornamental plants: dahlia, zinnia, mexican sunflower, cosmos, cerinthe major purpurascens

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, I wish I had done it sooner! There are still lots to do as I want to surround the edge with another raised bed in which I will put some rhubarb plants, fruit trees (currently in big pots), dahlia etc. I have a vision of tall dahlia and cosmos plants as hedging for next summer.

With all this gardening, I’ve had limited time to sew so my shops were fairly empty all summer long, but I want to start working on new products for the christmas period (I’m planning to make some new bags, baby quilts and accessories such as ipad covers).



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