small side yard container gardening

My house is on corner plot so I have a small side yard. It’s paved, south facing, with no privacy at all as the wall fence there and in the front garden is very low. Last year, I planted some dhalias, cape gooseberries and tomatillos there and they did really well. So this year, I finally decided to make the most of this space and to make it into an ornamental container fruit and veg garden.

Everything is in pots, organised into 3 rows which makes full use of the space.

In 66cm pots (sankey), I have:

* apple tree, pear tree, fig tree, nectarine tree, apricot tree, autumn raspberries,

In 55cm pots (sankey), I have:

* column cherry tree, midget apple tree, midget pear tree, gooseberry, redcurrant, goji, tayberry

I also use some pink 42 litres trugs from tesco which have various plants: honeyberries, peas, courgettes etc and other plants such as cosmos waiting to be planted out somewhere else

The rest of the pots are mainly 35cm ones from the one pound shop.

All of my fruit trees and bushes in pots are underplanted with strawberries this year (last year I underplanted them with lettuce and herbs), and as expected the ones in the side yard are riping faster than the ones in my back garden (we are already eating strawberries and rasberries from the side yard, the ones from the back garden are still green).

Most plants here are edible but there are also some flowers here and there. Things are getting a bit jungly but overall I’m pleased that I am making the most of this space.


2 thoughts on “small side yard container gardening

  1. HI i just found your blog stunning garden!
    Can i ask how your fruit trees have gone with the strawberries underplanted? I have a sugar plum planted in a half wine barrel and was going to underplant with strawberries or parsley, bit scared to commit though as m not sure if they will play nicely together!

    • Hi Tracey, sorry for my late reply. Yes, strawberries and parsley are great with trees (plum trees included). Mines are doing well. I also plant parsely everywhere in winter as it is hardy and stay green all winter long (they need to be planted before it gets to cold, in october/november at the latest).

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