A bit of home decoration

While the garden is getting lots of my attention, the house gets behind. We are now in our 4th spring in this house and I feel that there are still lots I would like to do and improve. One area that still needs improving is my sewing space which is half of my living room.

The living room is supposed to be a living dining room but instead we chose it to be a living creative room (well, it’s my creative space as my partner gets a whole room for himself that he uses as a music room and office). One way to solve the lack of storage in my sewing space was to buy an Ikea Expedit shelving, the one that has 16 cubes. I decided to put it on my sewing table, which is really great as a sort of vertical storage.

So that’s one storage issue solved. Next I need to think of a creative way to have a neat cutting / ironing area as right now my ironing board is to big and I’m using a hacked breakfast bar as a cutting table (it’s great as it’s higher than a desk or table and it’s the same size as my cutting mat), ideally I would like just one long table that incorporates my cutting mat and a custom made ironing board.

As you can see, I use various colourful bags and boxes as storage inside the expedit, they are all from Madagascar but you can buy similar ones from Rice DK.

I have also made some new cushion covers for the living room sofa. I used some of my favourite fabrics to make them: fine cord with designs similar to kenzo fabrics and oilily fabrics for the front, and purple velvet for the back, they all have a side zipper.

I’ve also took out the broken pink slatted blind in our bathroom and sowed some curtains for the window. I used a fabric by Jennifer Paganelli called Vintage floral for the front and the lining is pink peony solid from Moda Bella.

This window is southfacing so the geraniums there have all flowered since. We also added a little shelving to add more storage space.

Next on my list is sewing more pillow covers for our bed.


2 thoughts on “A bit of home decoration

  1. Your home looks really great Lova ! I love all the bright colors you manage to mix around and the plants seem to enjoy as well 😀

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