Happy new year

Happy new year everyone.

I’ve started the new year by indulging in my favourite hobby which is gardening. This year I am trying wintersowing, you can read all about it at agardenforthehouse blog. The idea is to sow seeds outdoor in winter in anything that would protect your seeds/seedlings from the harsh weather (snow, frost, wind, to much rain etc), most people use milk bottles. I am also going to use milk bottles, but I have started in december by using a botanico let’s grow single sun tunnel ( a gift from my sister).

I sowed these seeds on december 15th and most are germinating:

* Trough 1: Salad leaves speedy & Oriental salad leaves mix (both by thompson and morgan)
* Trough 2: Corn salad cavallo (thompson and morgan) & Lettuce red salad bowl (Taste of Italy by thompson and morgan)
* Trough 3: Salad leaves sorrel blood veined (thompson and morgan) & Mizuna (chiltern seeds)
* Trough 4: Chervil herb (thompson and morgan) & moss curled parsley (one pound shop)

The seeds were sown directly outdoor in these pink troughs (2 varieties per trough).The troughs sit on a botanico tray, protected safely inside of the matching single sun tunnel. The tunnel has 2 opening vents which I have kept closed in order to keep everything warmish, I will open them when it becomes necessary.

I have also placed my 1st seeds order of the year from Thompson and Morgan (you can get free delivery for purchases over £10 if you use this link):

Cucumber ‘Picolino’ F1 Hybrid (Organic) Within 7 Days £0.69 1 £0.69
Salad Leaves ‘Speedy Mix’ Within 7 Days £0.49 2 £0.98
Tomato ‘Sungold’ F1 Hybrid Within 7 Days £0.20 1 £0.20
FREE* Potato and Veg Grow Kit By end of Apr 2011 £4.50 1 £4.50
Godetia ‘Rembrandt’ Within 7 Days £0.99 1 £0.99
Stephanotis floribunda Within 7 Days £1.49 1 £1.49
Catharanthus roseus ‘Mediterranean Lilac’ Within 7 Days £0.00 1 £0.00
Jacaranda mimosifolia syn. ovalifolia Within 7 Days £1.49 1 £1.49

I have also been very lucky to win some veg seeds in a giveaway organised by Mark from Marksvegplot blog. I am particularly excited about the yellow carrots seeds. Thanks again Mark.

And my dad gifted me some exotic seeds that he bought in the reunion island:

As for indoor gardening, the houseplants seem not to get enough light and therefore only a few of my flowering plants are flowering (geraniums on the kitchen windowill shelving). I also have an amaryllis from last year which is getting super tall (you can see it here), again because of not getting enough light I reckon.


One thought on “Happy new year

  1. how exciting to have seedlings growing already! I think even with protection it is tooooo cold here at the moment. we had snow last night.
    thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.

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