Summer 2011

Summer has gone so quickly. Most of my time was spent working on the garden and lazying around.


went to visit my mum in south of france.


decided to get a summerhouse which I’ll use as a potting shed (bought with birthday gift from my family). Painted the outside pink. I used cuprinol garden shades: a 2 litres can of pale jasmine mixed with a sample can of rich berry and 2 sample cans of forget me not, this was enough for the 2 coats needed for the exterior. I’m painting the inside in white.


Tried some new plants: purple new zealand ricinus from seed (very easy to grow and tropical looking), red banana, brugmansia from seed, pink and red mandevilla, lemon, pink double bonbon cosmos from seed, among plenty others.

Beautified the side yard with lots of plants in pots: dalhia, tamarillo, tomatillo, geranium, purple ricinus, rose, hydrangea, aster, peppers, etc

The back garden was so full of plants, it looked like a jungle at some points. Unfortunately I did not have time to work on my front garden, the only nice plants there were some some self seeded pink and white cosmos and pink foxgloves.


Harvested and ate the fruits of my labour: 1 peach (yes only 1 this year), 3 apples (from one of the midget apple trees), 1 fig (forgot to harvest on time so most were uneatable), 1 cherry (the rest must have been eaten by the birds), 4 bunches of white grapes, 3 very small pears, lots of lettuce everyday,  spring onions, a small harvest of strawberry, lots of raspberry, courgettes, cucumbers, kuri squashes, mini pumpkins, tomatoes, peppers, chillis, cape gooseberries, corns etc


Painted the living room coffee table in pearly purple.

Installed a shelving on the kitchen windowsill (Ikea Varde shelves again, simply painted in white).

Got more houseplants (mixed in with fake flowers) after being inspired by Laetitia Maklouf book the Virgin Gardener.



Made 2 pillocases for the bed.


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