The garden in May

One of my resolutions this year was to grow enough lettuce to eat everyday and I’m glad to say that I have been harvesting lettuce everyday now since last month. I don’t have a separate bed for them (although I would like to eventually), instead I grow them wherever I can find a space for them. Some of my fruit trees, fruit bushes and roses and peony trees are in big pots (66cm and 55cm sankey bell pots), and they are all underplanted with lettuce or with herbs.

This pot has an apple tree underplanted with lettuce (red salad bowl which I use as a cut and come again salad leaves – I love its rich red colour and the fact that they are untouched by snails and slugs).

This pot has a rose underplanted with thom thumb lettuce – a small size variety.

This one has a grape vine underplanted with speedy mix lettuce leaves – another cut and come again lettuce.

This one has a kaki fruit in it (yes it looks like a stick, I’m impatiently waiting for it to show some signs of growth) underplanted with the same thom thumb lettuce. Kaki fruit trees (or sharon fruit or persimmon fruit) are quite hard to find in UK, I bought mine from Spalding/Bakker, the 1st one they sent me was dead so this is the replacement.

The same kaki fruit tree here next to a pot of broad beans and a plum tree in the ground.

And finally my fruit trees and fruit bushes alley (this used to be my tomato pepper and chilli alley last year). The fruit trees are temporarily there as I’m planning to plant them in the ground in my side yard in the future ( I’m planning to transform my side yard into a little orchard alley – part of my front and side garden renovation project later in the year hopefully).

The lettuce above is a little gem (with a nectarine tree), next to it is some mibuna that I eat as salad leaves (with¬† cordon redcurrant fruit bush that hasn’t grown any leaves yet).


3 thoughts on “The garden in May

  1. Your pots made me seriously consider starting to grow cut and come again salads in pots near my kitchen. I have a big garden where I plant a lot of my food, but there are some things that are not working too well in the garden (lettuce in summer among them). So I’m considering growing lettuce in containers to put in the shade to avoid the worst of the heat.
    Damaria at

    • Hi Damaria, Yes lettuce do really well in pots, I also plant them as groundcover around a fruit tree in pot so the leaves of the fruit tree gives them the shade they need.

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