Spring garden in april

The cold winter in Britain had made me very lazy. I haven’t done much decorating nor sewing during those winter months. But now that spring is here, I am again full of zest and have lots of ideas and plans for prettifying the house and garden.

I planted some spring flowering bulbs (daffodils, tulips, hyacinth and muscari) in the back garden at the end of january (yes, that’s super late as they are supposed to be planted from august till december), and I’m so glad I did as the garden is now full of pretty flowers.

This is our 3rd year in this house and it’s the 1st time that we are having a proper spring garden.


I have been busy planting seeds since march and bought lots of new fruit trees/bushes. I also got a new rose arch and a plant etagere as christmas presents and bought myself a potting bench in Homebase. In an attempt to make the garden more colourful (or tropical looking – in my dreams!) I’ve painted the potting bench, plant etagere,  new raised bed (from a local artisan on ebay), a trellis (from lidl) and 4 basket metal hangers in a bright cheerful blue colour. I used “True Blue” by B&Q Colours (one coat paint for interior and exterior wooden and metal) and was very impressed by the quality of the paint, one coat was enough and I still have left over paint from my 750ml tin.


The concrete floor paving on the patio is a nightmare, it’s a patchwork of yellow and red/pink colour and it looks horrible. It’s due for a pressure wash but after washing it, I really want to paint all of it. I have been searching for an outdoor concrete paint without any success. I know it must exist as I have read a makeover article in GardenersWorld where Joe Swift advises a couple to paint their paving with an outdoor floor paint (theirs are exactly the same pavings as mine), unfortunately he does not specify any brand or shop where to buy it. But while reading some blogs, I found this picture (garden concrete stairs painted in bright pink) and am now dreaming of painting my pavings in that colour. I wonder if a dulux masonry paint will do?


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