Interview from co-founder of japanese books Edition Paumes

I  stumbled upon this interview from the japanese books paumes and wanted to share it with you here (interview found on french blog Sympa Simone and re-printed here with her permission)

Interview from Hisashi Tokuyoshi co-founder of Edition Paumes (Jeu de Paume):

What is Editions Paumes background? When was it founded, and by who ?
We started our family-run company back in August of 1997, two years after returning from Paris. The company is run completely by us – Hisashi is the photographer and art director, and, his wife, Fumie Shimoji represents the french artists that we met during our stay in Paris. Lately, we work with artists through out the world. We really make an effort to respect everyone that we collaborate with, and to maintain good relations with them.

We also have « Galerie Doux Dimanche » a galerie and boutique where we exhibit objects made by artists. As you know, we have a line of books that focus on interiors and the lifestyle of artists, so this fits into our interests quite nicely.

How many people work at Editions Paumes ? Is it a small business ?

Right now, we have 7 people working in Tokyo, as well as 7 people working in Paris who help us with the books. And for us, all of the artists who are in our books are also part of the team ! Maybe it is a small business compared with a large publishing house, but thanks to the connections with artists through out the world, it seems larger.

How do you choose the subject of each book? Do you have a team of stylists, decorators, etc?
We do not have a stylist or a decorator… We do not need them because we take photographs of reality. This means that we do not go into the apartments and re-arrange them. Rather we leave the apartment exactly as the owner lives in it. This makes for more interesting photographs.

What is the process from the idea to the finished book?

Really, it depends on the book. We were lucky enough to be in Paris while working on the book “Ateliers des Artistes à Paris.” When we were in Paris, we visited the atelier of some friends. It was wonderful, because it was full of interesting things. There is a whole universe of undiscovered creativity! While we were there, many of our friends introduced us to artists that they know, and so we were able to complete the book thanks to their col

Since then, we have created circles of artists in several areas – London, the North of Europe, Paris… We always work in this style of meeting people and remembering what they create. You never know what will happen – sometimes, after meeting an artist to make one book, we will have an idea that will lead to the next publication.

What would you suggest to parents to decorate their children’s bedrooms? Is there anything that is a “must-have”?
We are interested in things that have a history and a story. Sometimes, the object could be given by their grandparents. We also like things that parents make for their children. And especially the things that children create by themselves! We think that all children are little artists!

To only have modern things in a home makes it feel like a show room. The important thing is to include things in the home that create a sense of love for children, and create a link to the family.

What do you like best in your line of work?
I love that I have the power to share joy. Right now, there are many artists that are happy to participate in the creation of our books. I am so happy and honored to have their help!

Us, the editors, the artists who are profiled in the books, and of course the readers, should be happy because they are all indispensable in the quest for a great book!

And finally, it is wonderful for us to meet new artists who are going to make an impact in the future!

The picture below is from one of their newest books: Finland Family Style


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