Japanese Jeu de Paume books

Great news, I have been accepted by my favourite japanese publisher Jeu de Paume to be one of their resellers. So I am now selling the whole range of their books. I’ve just received my 1st shipment from them and have started listing some in my etsy shop and ebay shop. Below are the titles currently available. If you would like to buy one and mention that you heard about it on my blog then I will include a surprise handmade gift for you (only for the first 10 buyers who mention it please).

You can see some pictures of the inside of the books in my flickr or in my etsy shop and ebay shop. I realy want to carry the whole range so next time I will order different titles and if there is one you would like but you don’t see it here or in my shops please let me know so that I can order it next time.

My favourite one is the London Gardens, as it’s full of inspiration for my own little garden. I’ve been injecting some colours in the front garden, by painting the garage wall bright lavender (it’s what I first see from the living room/sewing room so I wanted to brighten up the dull natural stone colour of the wall) and I will also paint the brickwall (that separates my patio to my mini orchard area and my gravel flower bed area) in bright fuschia. I’ll post pictures next time but you can see 3 photos of the work in progress in the garden in my flickr.


3 thoughts on “Japanese Jeu de Paume books

  1. Bonjour Lova! Je vous écris a propos du livre “Paris Family Style”. J’étais une fille au pair a Paris et je crois que ma famille est la-dedans! Je sais que le livre est écrit en japonais mais j’espère que vous puissiez me dire s’il y a une famille, nom CHARBIN. S’ils sont la, j’aimerais bien acheter le livre! Ecrivez moi, s’il vous plait… Et je vous remercie!

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