Decor8 feature

I’ve been feeling quite extatic lately, and you know why? Because I recently found out that I have been featured in Decor8. You can read the article here.

Holly from Decor8 has a flickr group called Interior Styling, I joined her group and uploaded 2 of my recent pictures (the ikea kitchen shelf and the mantel in my living room), while dreaming of being featured in her blog one day. And she did!

I suddenly got lots of orders for some of my russian dolls, so am assuming this is as a result of that feature. Thank you so much Holly.

On the house front, I finally decided to start working on the flooring. Ideally I wanted solid wooden floor painted in a glossy white colour in every room, but I can’t afford it right now and I don’t have the patience to wait until I’ve saved enough cash to buy some, so I took the plunge and bought the white laminate flooring from Ikea (Tundra) which is very affordable. So this month, we are doing the kitchen and hallway floors.


6 thoughts on “Decor8 feature

  1. Hi Lova! Congratulations! What an honor! I am not surprized you were featured. You really have great taste. Love your shelves and your sewing room. I recently found a crochet pattern for Russian Dolls and downloaded it to one day make you a few! Maybe before Xmas this year, who knows! Can’t wait to see your new floors! I am off to Chicago tomorrow and hope to get lots of shopping done again. Chat soon.

  2. Love love love all the pink and purple πŸ™‚ Now I want to see your whole house haha.
    Thanks for dropping by my Japan blog. That was a nice surprise! I’m so happy I found you on flickr. Such a small and beautiful world πŸ™‚

    Stay in touch!

  3. Hi Lova,
    I’m new to this but wanted to say you have such a lovely blog – I’ve been reading through your posts and the photos are beautiful. Your sewing studio is an inspiration! Would it be ok to add you to my friend list? I live in Essex too. I’m off to have a look at your ebay and etsy shop now! Best wishes, Helen

  4. wow!!! just found your blog out by chance and saw this one……just want to say your work is so adorable, the display on the pix is just so sweet and colorful! great work!!!!will add your shop soon:)

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