Hello, I am still here

Lots of stress and mid-life crisis going on here, hence my lack of posting.

My dad came over and helped us decorate the kitchen. As I can’t afford a full renovation, it was just a paint job, everything was painted white (ceiling, walls, kitchen cabinets, tiles) and it looks much fresher and cleaner now. I still have to replace the flooring and then sew a blind for the window. I don’t have enough storage so I bought the handy shelves below from Ikea.

Don’t be fooled by the pictures of my house that I show here (or in my flickr), those pictures are the exceptions, most of my house still look horrible and messy and horrible. There are still so much to do, and so little money to be able to do anything. Most of the time, I feel so happy and grateful to be living in my own house, but other times I feel so frustrated and stressed by the state of it.


4 thoughts on “Hello, I am still here

  1. What you say aobut your house is so true for nearly all of us! We just put the good pics on our blogs… I have a ‘Reality Check’ section on my blog pointing this out. All the same, I found your lovely photos on Flickr and came over here to meet you, so you do have some lovely stuff.

  2. Thanks Floss. For me, those good pics keep me going and motivated as there are still so much work I would like to do on the house.

  3. Isn’t it terrible to be impatient? I also want stuff to happen TODAY, but the sad fact is that most things take longer than we want them to. Decorating is expensive. Especially if you have great taste like you do! It is amazing what a bit of paint can do though. Love your shelves!

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