high school nostalgia

I just stumbled on some high school group photos and felt nostalgic. It was the year before my A-levels. We were asked what we wanted to do in life, I had no clear idea yet. I loved mathematics and english. I wrote lots of poems back then , I also did a lot of drawings (fashion ones daydreaming I could maybe become a fashion designer one day!). I only had one year left to decide what to study next, I went on doing an economics degree not because I loved it but because it seemed logical. It seems so long ago now. I am so happy that I now do what I love.

I’m the only darkie in my class:

1ere b 87


2 thoughts on “high school nostalgia

  1. C’est effarant, on aurait pu croire que c’est mon ecole. Ca veut bien dire qu’a l’epoque on avait une sorte d’uniforme, dicte par la mode. Les coiffures sont typiques.
    Tu vois je viens faire un tour sur ton blog de temps en temps.
    a BIENTOT.

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