A new beginning

Lots of new beginnings this week (and funny enough I am also currently reading the “New Beginning” book by Esther Hicks which I am enjoying so much and highly recommend to those interested in the “law of attraction”).

I happened to find online someone I knew in France 20 years ago, isn’t the internet amazing! I’ve lost touch with lots of french friends since I moved to the UK and it’s wonderful to hear from some of them again.

I recently started selling some fabrics, as I had way to much that I can ever sew, and they cost me less if I buy them wholesale so I thought I would give it a try. I was super happy today to discover that I’ve reached my target and celebrated by investing in buying more, so I bought 50 yards of my best selling fabric (which is a russian doll one). Talking about buying, I recently contacted a uk wholesaler in order to place an order, and was shocked to have been rebuffed – as soon as they discovered that my shops are etsy and ebay shops; in comparison to that my japanese suppliers tell me each time I want to place an order that “they are looking forward to serve me and do business with me”, I’ve given up sourcing uk suppliers now and mainly source abroad, not only because I get better customer service abroad but I also get more competitive prices.

I’ve been contacted by a site that specialises in promoting handmade items, they want to feature my sewing room so I am now having to spruce things a bit, I’ll leave you with a photo of a corner of my sewing room below (can you see a glimpse of my tomato plants in the garden?). I still have to work on an inspiration wall board.

mannequin in sewing room

On the house front, still lots to do, no one room is finished yet. It’s frustrating sometimes and I wish I had either some help or the fund to pay for everything to be done by professionals. The garden is better though, I’m enjoying picking some fab tasting tomatoes everyday.

A personal message: petit message pour Christophe, si tu lis ceci je serais ravie d’avoir de tes nouvelles, j’ai trouve ton frere sur internet et lui ai donne mon email.


2 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. Hi Lova! Welcome back to blogland! I have really missed you! Congratulations on having your sewing roomn featured! As all french ladies, you do have excellent taste! So sad to get bad service in your own country. We can all learn from the Asians when it comes to good service. What is the reason for their nasty attitude? Do they believe you are a competitor? Isn’t that what business is all about? We are in a global recession, so I would think they would be keen to sell. Great about you meeting up with an old friend again! So nice when that happens, and yes, the Internet is the place to do that. I have been thinking about searching for some of my old friends as most people are on Facebook these days…Chat soon!

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