New sewing room

I’m back. The house purchase took longer than I expected but we finally moved to the new (old) house last month. It’s a small 2 bed bungalow (well small compared to our old house but roomy compared to a typical bungalow). So my sewing area is also smaller and is a part of our living room, it has a french door which leads to the garden, but the garden is still a messy work in progress so no pretty view from my sewing corner yet.

sewing table sewing cabinet

sewing storage tables sewing room

This  time, I’m trying a layout with the table against the wall, but when the garden is prettier I may put the table in the middle as before so that I can enjoy looking at the garden while sewing.  I also want a separate cutting table so am open to ideas on how to incorporate one without making the space look to small and crampy.

If you are looking for more sewing room ideas, check out the ones in the links below (all from my favourites folder in flickr):

Pink sewing room by chaletgirl13

Cube storage in a sewing room from decorology

The new Studio magazine from Cloth Paper Scissor also has lots of ideas, but I have not seen it sold in UK yet (you can buy it via who delivers to UK).


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