3 months review since selling on etsy

I’ve been back from my holiday for a couple a weeks now but was overwhelmed by custom orders on my return. It was quite a nice surprise but I wish buyers would let me know where and how they found out about my etsy shop as this will help me with my marketing later on.

As mentioned in my previous posts, some of my products were featured on several blogs, and then while I was away my Liberty pouch was featured on Thelongthread blog (thanks Ellen), and on my return my matryoshka messenger bag was featured on Smidge blog (thanks Kat). For those wanting to know how I ended up having some of my products being featured on some blogs, well I didn’t go out and ask the blog owners about being featured , it was rather them who just went ahead and featured my products (some informed me beforehand, some didn’t, but either way I’m super happy about it and very grateful).

So, I’ve been on etsy for 3 months now, and overall I’m very satisfied with my sales. Sometimes it’s quiet, and sometimes it’s busy. It’s not giving me a full time income but it does help recoup the cost of my materials. I found that I have a mix of UK and international buyers (from US, Australia, Russia, Italy but not much european buyers). I also offer the possibility for UK buyers to pay in UK pound but no one seems interested yet so I assume they are all happy paying in dollars. I do appreciate being paid in dollars as I then can use this currency when buying my materials from the US, thus avoiding any exchange rate fees.

There is no specific item that sells more than the others at present, but recently I tend to have more and more custom orders which I love but the problem is that while I’m busy with those orders I tend not to make anything new which results in less frequent listings and less people finding my shop. So I will now make sure to list new items regularly even when I am also in the middle of tackling several custom orders. I’ve been watching some successful sellers in my category and learned that they all list new items nearly everyday, they offer entry level price items (usually less than $10), they blog about their products and their shops, they do regular promotions, they come up with new products every so often. So I’m off to follow those tips.

My shop has also received 100 hearts, so as a thank you gesture I am offering one FREE GIFT of your choice (any handmade item in the shop up to the value of $20, custom order included, books and fabrics not included) with any purchase over $20. This is valid only for the next 5 customers, so hurry up go and buy something from my shop. EDITED: thank you for all those who took advantage of this offer. The offer is now closed.

On another matter, I am very sensitive to the sun and usually burns very quickly despite applying sun block. I also usually gets a bad reaction from the chemicals in sun blocks, but while I was in Barcelona I found a wonderful sun protection range that is all natural and organic and very effective, it’s by Apivita, a small greek brand.


3 thoughts on “3 months review since selling on etsy

  1. That is a great review…the other thing i have seen people do is load things up to etsy on a certain day of the week…tiny happy does that and she is sold out by the next Wednesday. I am doing a series of posts on artisans and would love to do a post on you. Also was wondering if you have any more of those Kaffe Fassett Japanese books you have on flickr…would buy it through etsy so you get the sale there if that works best.

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