More organizers

Kate from Stitched with love kindly featured one of my passport cover on her blog, I was nicely surprised and glad to read on her blog that she features lots of etsy sellers from whom she buys, I think it is really a good idea so if you want to cross-promote with me then please contact me. Kate makes lovely items, including the ones below who would be perfect for seamstresses like us: the first one is a needle case/scissor fob set and the second item is a bookmark.

I’m still busy learning about etsy and following other sellers’ advices, one of them is to list often, so I have been sewing bits and pieces and listing them every so often although when I’ve just finished making something I really like I’m so tempted to list it straight away. Which I did with the organizers below.

Well, I made a portfolio organizer a while ago, and wanted something smaller that could be carried in a small bag, so came up with this purse wallet organizer that comes with a mini notepad:

purse wallet organizeer with mini notepad open

Then I got several ideas on how to modify it for different purposes and one of them is this travel wallet organizer which allows you to carry your passport, cards etc but best of all has 2 purses for your usual money and your travel money. Later on I’ll also offer the option of having the purses removable for added usability.

travel purse wallet organizer travel purse wallet organizer

I’m still working on the new laptop sleeve, but hope to finish it soon so will blog about that later.


One thought on “More organizers

  1. These are so cute, and practical as well. There is a lot of thinking behind these.
    It’s a good idea to have the 2 purses for different money. I have resorted before to taking 2 big purses with me when i go to France, and my husband has some little zip bags, not very chic.

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