Amy butler frenchy bag pattern

Love, love, love the combination of Amy Butler’s frenchy bag design and Echino bird fabric! I couldn’t wait to sew this bag since I finished my mum’s and sister’s a few weeks ago. I was very reluctant to put it on sale in my etsy shop as I love it so much, but hey I can always make another one for me later on.

bird butterfly echino bag echino bird butterfly bag top folded

The pattern instructions were really easy to follow, but I changed a few things this time. First I made the straps bigger and padded them with fusible polyfleece (I do this on most of my bags so that they are comfortable to use on the shoulders). Then instead of having one big pocket on each side of the lining, I divided it into 2 pockets so now there are 4 big pockets, otherwise Amy’s pockets do not really look (nor function) like pockets but are more like bag dividers. I also realised that you can fold the top part of the bag, and I actually prefer it like that.

All in all, a very enjoyable bag to sew, and I am so tempted to make another one with Anna Maria Horner’s new home dec Drawing room bird fabric or with the same echino fabric in rust/red colour or with this matryoshka russian dolls fabric that I like so much.

echino bird butterfly bird matryoshka russian dolls fabric

I embellished the bag with a little detachable flower felt brooch that I made using Sizzix various flower die cuts and the BigKick machine (my new beloved toy, which I thought was mainly for scrapbookers but can actually be very useful for jewellery making and cutting shapes for quilting, applique etc). Well, given the fact that I do make jewellery, I’ve decided to use up my beads stash and start embellishing my bags/purses with either brooches or bag charms from now on.

Also finished last week and this week: passport cover, pocket tissue holder, pencil cases, sakura ring which you can see in my flickr pages (along with pictures of japanese and french craft books that I recently uploaded).

Planned for next week: laptop sleeve, and another portfolio organizer as the one I talked about in my last post is sold already.


6 thoughts on “Amy butler frenchy bag pattern

  1. I love your bag very nice. I am amazed by the number of things you are making.
    Your fabrics are lovely, and i have never seen the matriochka one in the shops. It is so striking. bravo.

  2. Your comment about scotchguarding the fabric is so good, I need to buy some of that product. THat would sort my problem.
    Many thanks.


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