I heart organizers

I wanted to make a sort of portfolio organizer that would contain my sewing projects A4 notepad/tutorials/patterns/inspiration pictures and little notes to my self, so I drafted one that seemed to fit my needs (with even a zippered pocket on it). I have learned from my previous prototype making for this type of project not to cut all pieces in the beginning and am glad I did that because the calculations were not correct on my draft resulting in having to simplify the design. I ended up with the organizer below (on sale at my etsy shop). I’m quite happy with the result as it is a very useful item and can be used to store/carry so many things like drawings/magazine/notepad/inspiration cuttings/pictures…, it was fairly easy to make, except the expandable left pocket where my machine struggled with so many layers of fabric and interfacing. I still like my first draft though so will attempt to remake that one later on.

notepad organizer 1 notepad organizer 2

I’ve also finally made 2 of Amy Butler frenchy bags for my mum and sister but forgot to take pictures.

My other new item is a wallet cards organizer which I started 2 weeks ago, no it doesn’t take 2 weeks to make, it’s actually a very quick project but I waited for inspiration about the closing, I wanted to use leather but wasn’t sure how to attach it to the organizer (as I didn’t want to handsew or machine sew the leather) and tried using my trusty snaps from snapsource, I was concerned the snaps would not be suitable and that I would have to buy special ones but they did the job perfectly. The leather I used is 2mm thick, so is perfect for items like this. The closing is designed so that it is removable and replacable with a different one (made of fabric for example) for those who don’t like leather. The wallet comes with a removable insert for 6 cards, so that if you fancy a change of look you could take the insert out and use it with another wallet.

wallet cards organizer 1 wallet cards organizer 2 wallet cards organizer 3

Next project will be a passport holder.


2 thoughts on “I heart organizers

  1. You have made some lovely things, as usual, shame about not having the photos. Maybe you could bribe them to send them trough the net.
    You give me ideas as well as I’ve got a card carrier that’s getting a bit worn out. I could buy an insert and make a new one.

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