More matryoshka russian dolls fabric

I recently discovered Shamash and sons fabrics, and managed to get hold of their multi colour matryoshka dolls fabric on a black background (and their fabulous mermaids fabric). The company has decided not to manufacture their range anymore so all their fabrics are discountinued and this russian dolls one is highly sought after. There are so many things I want to make with this, but I decided to use it for a new project: a little bag for a mobile phone/ipod/pda etc.

Matryoshka russian dolls little bag for ipod/mobile phone/pda Flower felt detail on matryoshka doll little bag Matryoshka dolls tote bag and ipod bag

I was inspired by those cute little bags (matching the bigger handbags) in some of my japanese books, and wanted to make one that is roomy enough to hold several items (like an ipod and a mobile phone for example). I didn’t follow a pattern but just made an adapted mini version of a messenger bag. I wanted the strap to be detachable so that it can be used hanging from the strap/handle of a handbag or hanging from a jean’s belt loop. The strap is attached to the little bag with snaps, and I embellished the area where the snaps are on the bag with a flower shaped wool felt.

I also made another one with an Amy Butler peacock bird fabric.

Amy Butler little bag for ipod Amy Butler peacock bird messenger bag and matching little bag

If you want to make a small bag like this, these are the points to be aware of:

* it can be tricky to sew the lining to the outside fabric at the top part of the bag as it’s to small to fit around the sewing machine’s free arm, so go slowly if you want a perfect straight stitch

* you need snaps with long prongs if you want to attach the strap with snaps (the ones from snapsource are good for this) as normal snaps will struggle with several layers of fabric/interfacing/padding, otherwise a better option may be a button with a buttonhole or a sew in velcro

Stay tuned for my next project: a porfolio organizer.


One thought on “More matryoshka russian dolls fabric

  1. What beautiful bags you have made. I love the matrioshka fabric, and the contrast is very good. How nice that people appreciate your creations and order some more, it must be very rewarding.
    Sorry to learn about your accident a few years ago, and I do feel grateful sometimes for the things in my life. I guess I have been lucky, my family is in good health, but I do realise that whatever you do sometimes bad things happen and it is not always your fault. I hope you have recovered physically and mentally. I’ll think of you.

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