Gratitude is something that I experience quite often, I have noticed that the more I am grateful the more I find things (people/experiences/things) to be grateful about. Last week, life gave me more to be grateful about. I managed to teach a workshop to counsellors without making a fool of myself (first time teaching!), finished the end of year charity accounts that was way overdue, met some lovely new people, had a custom order and had my first sale on etsy (another custom order by a lovely lady). And one of my friends met a special person in her life which makes me super happy for her.

I think it is easy for me to feel so grateful after what happened to me several years ago. I don’t talk much about personal stuff in this blog because of the ethics of my counselling job but I would like to share something, I had a normal life like everyone before, then I was in a road accident and broke my hip and both my femurs (oh dear, learning to walk again was funny!), my life changed dramatically and I learned to make the most of it. You see, there are things I am not physically able to do anymore, like having a full time job with all its rewards, so when I got those 2 custom orders, I was so happy and grateful, I get to stay at home doing something I enjoy and get paid for it.

So to celebrate, I got more lovely fabrics and a Clover bag template from Japan. I first saw this bag template on etsy and wanted to know if it is better than a bag pattern. I haven’t used it yet, but will give it a try later on. It is just a plastic template allowing you to make 8 different bags (they are similar though) and comes with instructions for each bag, the japanese Clover website also has some free pdf tutorials of bags using this template. I reckon it can be useful for a beginner or an intermediate sewer but an advanced sewer may not be impressed by it.

This is another bag that I finished more than a week ago, I love the matryoshka dolls on this but I used a navy thread for the top stitching which is great for the outer fabric but the lining is multi colour stripes and I just don’t like the look of of that blue thread on the lining, I wish I had one of those japanese fabric tape that I could just iron over the stitching, or maybe hand sew a pretty ribbon over the stitching? Next time, I’ll make a note to remember to use the same outside fabric on the top edge of the lining fabric.

Update: I finally got the courage to unstitch the top of the tote bag and re-stitched it with navy thread for the outside and light blue for the lining. So it looks very nice and up to my standard now.


One thought on “Gratitude

  1. I can only imagine how your life might have changed – but how wonderful that it sounds to have, in some ways, become richer for having such an intense appreciation of being here to see it.

    Well done on your custom orders. x

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