More purses and bags

I’ve tried to sell a few purses and bags on ebay recently and it is amazing the amount of people watching them yet not bidding at the end of the auctions, I know that some are competitors just checking the competition but surely not all of them! Anyway, I was rather pleased to have been contacted by a prospective wholesale buyer, so I hope that some of those watchers are future buyers. These are the pictures of my latest projects:

Japanese sakura wristlet with detachable strap Liberty betsy purse

The left one is a japanese sakura wristlet with a detachable purse, and the right one is a Liberty Betsy purse.

So, looking for another site where I can sell my handmade items, I finally opened an etsy account, hurrah! Why didn’t anyone tell me that etsy is a buyer’s paradise? Really, there are so many lovely things there and loads at a fantastic price, which is great for me as a buyer but then again it means how I am going to sell anything there if there are lots of sellers selling their items much cheaper than what I would like to sell mine for? Oh, well I guess it’s worth trying, at least the listing and sale’s fees are much cheaper than on ebay.

The bag below is reversible and made with a Kaffe Fassett romany and linen fabric, with a matching cosmetic purse.

Kaffe fassett romany purse Kaffe Fassett romany reversible tote bag

And the result of my latest matryoshka dolls fabric hunt, a messenger bag with matching purse:
Japanese fabric matryoshka russian dolls messenger bag Japanese fabric matryoshka russian doll purse


3 thoughts on “More purses and bags

  1. That’s fantastic that you’ve been contacted by a wholesaler, Lova.

    I’ve found the same thing with pricing on Etsy…it feels sad that work using beautiful materials and lots of skill in the creation is being so underpriced.

    Hope you are having a lovely Easter weekend. x

  2. Lova, I think you are very talented, you make beautiful things. Tell us about Etsy if you are successfull, and I agree with you people are used to cheap products and don’t realise how long it takes to make these creations, especially when you design them as well.

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