Craft sewing studio pictures

I finally managed to get pictures of my craft corner. I’m so happy and grateful to have such a space just for me. It’s a multi purpose room as it stocks all my sewing, jewellery making, candle making (kilos and kilos of soy wax), aromatherapy, packing materials plus paperwork for my voluntary jobs. So the storage had to be thought of carefully.


Most of the storage is from Ikea: there’s the Granemo glass cabinet which I love as it allows me to see all my fabrics and books, I got some cheap kitchen Faktum frames on top of it for more storage, and next to it on the left there is a Pax wardrobe with a mirror door (the one that is only 35cm deep) that stores bulky items such as interfacings, polyfill, batting and folders. On the right of the Granemo cabinet, I have all my gemstones in some Fira mini chest with drawers (still to be covered in fabric) and next to it there is a kids’ 3 door cabinet (it was in the bargain corner and came with hilarious animal fury doorknobs) that houses my candle making materials.

There are more storage under the table: on the front there is an Andy drawer unit on castors, on each side there is a Laxvik shelving unit with glass top (this is so cheap and perfect under my table), and on the back there is another kitchen Faktum frame with lots of colourful bags from Madagascar that stores more candle waxes and bits and pieces.


2 thoughts on “Craft sewing studio pictures

  1. I love your studio/working space. Is it always so neat and tidy ? Mine seems to disappear under bits of fabric so often.
    Thanks for referencing my blog in your post on your trip to Paris.

  2. Your stacks of fabric are so neat! I love all your storage too….I am trying so hard not to be horribly envious…it all just looks so perfect! I am sure you will make the most lovely things in such a special space. x

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