Spring flowery bag

I finally listed a tote bag on ebay (scheduled to be posted tonight at 8.30pm London time). As soon as I saw this fabric by Martha Negley for Rowan, my heart melted, I just love the profusion of bright colours and the flowers! I love this bag but wasn’t initially pleased with the creased look of the linen, I think that for next time it would be better to use linen in either a small amount only or with appliques to distract the eye from the crease if used for the whole back of the bag. This time, I used an unknown brand of interfacing (the seller calls it extra extra stiff and strong used by professionals) as I’m still playing around with different kinds/brands in order to see all the different looks you can get. I padded the straps as usual and used velvet folded into two for the little bag’s strap.

Flowery bag 1 Matching little bag 1 Flower tote bag 2

I’ve also got a fabulous new tool called SnapSetter. It makes snap setting super easy so I went like a happy kid making lots of little change purses/business cards holders using size 16 snaps. You can get it from Snapsource where you can also view the tutorial video by Nancy Zieman on how to use it.

change card purse Open change purse snapsetter


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