Matryoshka dolls

I’ve been trying to find a particular Matryoshka dolls fabric for a while now and finally managed to get some. No wonder I had a problem finding it, it’s an exclusive design for JoAnn and they don’t ship abroad yet. Anyway, I managed to grab some on ebay and started sewing a coin purse and some lavender sachet bags. I was nicely surprised by the quality of the fabric, it’s very similar to Kona solid broadcloth cotton. The reason I wanted this fabric was mainly because the dolls are big enough to be used on their own, I think I’ll make them into a garland as well.

sta60001.jpg lavender-russian-doll.jpg


2 thoughts on “Matryoshka dolls

  1. Bravo pour ton blog je me suis bien balladee.
    Est-ce que les explications en japonais ne posent pas trop de problemes dans ton livre. Je suis bien tentee par ceux de Yoko Saito, dont certains sont traduits en francais.
    Continue et je reviendrai.

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